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Tony hairdressing school now Xiaobian that cover people do not understand the concept of brown, brown cheap human hair wigs is actually a combination of three primary colors, red when you are obviously at 5 degrees, then you add the blue and yellow is green, when you 7 When the degree of orange obvious, then you add the blue form primary colors balanced! First, green tea 0/00 + 5/73 + 5/75 + 7/1 + green + 9% 2: 1: 1: 1: 0.5 = 1.5 Second, retro 5/73 + 7/1 + green + 9% 1.5: 1: 1 = 1.5 Third, the golden sunlight 0/00 + 5/73 + green + 9% 3: 1: 1 = 1.5 Fourth, the orange-brown age 0/00 + 7/3 + 6/43 + 55/66 + 9% 2: 1: 1: 0.5 = 1.5 V, reddish brown 6/43 + 5/75 + 55/66 + 44/0 + 9% 1: 1: 0.5: 0.5 = 1.5 purple paradise: 1, for the crowd : Western style 2, Suitable for hair: Good 3 for color: white Hongyun pledge: 55/66 + 55/45 + 0/00 + purple + 9% in June, do green: 9/3 + 0/00 + 6/2 + green + 9% in July, hemp green color cast: 0/00 + 5/73 + 7/1 + green + 9% 4: 1: 1: 1.5 = 1.5 Eight, 0/00 + 7/3 + 7/1 + green + 9% or 0/00 + 7/3 + green + 9% for red Nine, Meaney Q usage: Minnie Q cm red background Add + Black + Brown = 3: 2-3: 1 yellow Yellow + Black + Brown = 3: 2: 3 orange + orange + brown + black = 3 + 3 + 2 + 2-3 + green + green yellow brown + black = 3 + 2-3 + 3 + 2 + purple + purple Black = 3-4 + 2-3 + 3 + cover gray human hair weave 6/77 + 7/75 + 33/0 + 6% 2: 2: 1: 5 white cheap human hair extensions, the more the amount of 33/0 on some big brown human hair wigs for black women tail damaged water colder 6/77 5/73 5/75 warm brown brown warm (cold, warm)

Fishbone braided cheap human hair extensions compiled out because shaped like fish bones and hence the name, looked delicate braided hair, and my heart would think it would not be difficult? In fact, not the case, fish bone braid just begun to learn the amount of U bit complicated, learned, will find it very simple matter. Almost a few minutes you can get fish bone braid hair, a popular summer braided hair, you can DIY at home oh material preparation: 1 fixed with a rubber band, a fine hair ornaments, combs a fishbone braid fact very simple, first comb the ebonyline human hair wigs smooth, the hair is divided into left and right areas (we left that area is No. 1, No. 2 on the right), and then take a small bundle assigned to the right of the black human hair extensions in the 1st District, and then The District No. 2 assigned to a small bundle of front lace wigs human hair left to go. This creates a new Zone 1 and Zone 2, a simple example is shown above, will be assigned to 2, 3, 4 and then assigned to 1, which is the basic compile fishbone braid technique is the only approach. After learned the basic techniques, the next job is to keep repeating the previous steps, continue to the left and right regions withdrawn tresses cycle series continues. The cycle of repeat the previous action, compiled out is the effect you, just as fish bones. Has been allocated to the human hair bob cut wigs ends, with a rubber band fixed the tail, this hairstyle is basically completed. Beautifully prepared in advance and then add wigs for black women human hair accessories to decorate, beautiful fish bone braided cheap human hair wigs done!

ยท In general, female deep wave human hair weave loss due mainly to the following aspects: 1, secreted by the body during pregnancy postpartum Since a large number of female hormones, so there are plenty of hair growth hormones. And due to a sudden reduction in postpartum hormonal hair will naturally fall off a lot, but this phenomenon postpartum six months or so will be back to normal. Hair Loss Cause: fever fever also damage hair roots organization, so a lot of hair loss, especially sustained high fever, damage to the hair root is particularly severe, however, after about six months can return to normal. Hair Loss Cause: The pressure to accelerate the pace of life in modern society and competition fierce, easy to make people bear the increasingly heavy pressure. According to research, stress and hair loss are closely related, but also accelerate human aging, wrinkles increase. In this regard, the only response is to remove the burden, let yourself relax together. Hair Loss Cause: Dieting Dieting makes the hair lack of adequate nutrition, human hair bundles for sale as lack of iron intake, it will brown without ze, the final result will inevitably lead to a lot of hair loss. Therefore, a balanced diet, do not blindly go on a diet to lose weight. Hair Loss Cause: The contraceptive pill for long-term human hair wigs for black women loss women also appear, once to stop taking, human hair bundles with closure loss symptoms can disappear. chocolate human hair Loss Cause: The contraceptive pill for long-term bulk human hair for braiding loss women also appear, once to stop taking, human hair weave brands loss symptoms can disappear.

Perm bars arranged in a different direction, position, angle, etc., hot out of the crochet hairstyles with human hair effect is different. General discharge volumes: volume, also known as cross row, starting from the top of the head to the forehead, after hairline radially arranged on both sides of the arrangement from top to bottom, respectively, this method is the most common common. Fan discharge volume: the volume and general discharge method is basically the same, except that each hair on both sides to form a fan-shaped, ranked from the top down, this method can be employed for any hair, natural burgundy hair extensions human hair back after a hot, easy care . Brick row volume: Take curls staggered approach, make hair more fluffy, increasing the amount of fat. Starting from the forehead, the middle of a roll, followed by the next layer of volume 2, volume third layer 3, layer by layer successively increases until the widest part of the head, to the back of the head layer by layer reduction until after the hairline. S-shaped exhaust volume: This method is suitable for long blonde human hair lace front wigs, wavy after hot forming. Side sub-line side from the ear to the other side of the side of the parting line of the first row of the ear, curls in a direction oblique row, and so on, the second row is in the opposite direction oblique row, it has been discharged after hairline curly human hair half wigs bars after volume was S shape. Serpentine row volume: drill to the head roll, and roll vertically from the hairline began, after a similar spiral iron bars effect, suitable for long human hair weave.